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IAH Commission on Karst Hydrogeology
Hundreds of millions of people drink water from karst aquifers worldwide. At the same time, karst aquifers are particularly vulnerable to contamination, due to their specific characteristics, such as the presence of natural conduits, which allow water to flow rapidly over large distances.

The Karst Commission is a network of academicians, practicing hydrogeologists, and water resources professionals. Our goal is to promote a defensible scientific basis and professional practice for the sustainable management of karst water resources for multiple uses, including safe drinking water, agriculture and protection of ecosystems. The Commission:
  • Fosters international and interdisciplinary research collaboration and exchange of ideas
  • Communicates with other relevant organizations and associations dealing with water, ecology, environmental, karst and cave sciences
  • Organizes conferences, thematic sessions and workshops on karst hydrogeology and water resources
  • Prepares and disseminates publications, such as books and special issues of scientific journals, as well as technical guidelines and popular publications
  • Provides training and education.

The IAH Karst Commission is partner of the Speleogenesis Scientific Network and website, in cooperation with the UIS Commission on Speleogenesis:


Chairman :
Nico Goldscheider (Germany)

Co-Chairs :
Neven Kresic (USA)
Jiang Guanghui (China)

Alpine karst

Tapped spring

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