The Karst Commission is one of the oldest and most active commissions of the International Association of Hydrogeologists, and celebrated its 50th birthday in 2020.

Today, this network of academics, practicing hydrogeologists and water resources professionals has the goal of promoting a defensible scientific basis and professional practice for the sustainable management of karst water resources for multiple uses, including safe drinking water, agriculture and protection of ecosystems.

We hope our website encourages you to find out more about the commission, explore our resources and also to become involved in our activities.

The International Association of Hydrogeologists is a charitable membership organisation which promotes sound development and management of groundwater – it is seen by many as the worldwide family of hydrogeologists.

IAH’s Karst Commission is also partner of the Speleogenesis Scientific Network and website, in cooperation with the UIS Commission on Speleogenesis: http://www.speleogenesis.info/