The Karst Commission is a part of The International Association of Hydrogeologists, a charitable membership organisation, which promotes sound development and management of groundwater.

Celebrating our 50th anniversary in 2020, we are one of the oldest and most active commissions of the IAH.

Today, our network of academics, practicing hydrogeologists and water resources professionals is focused on fostering international collaboration in karst groundwater management. Through promoting defensible science and professional practices, we aim to protect karst water resources for safe drinking water, agriculture and protection of ecosystems.

Please explore the resources on our website and reach out to become involved in our activities.

IAH’s Karst Commission is also a partner of the Speleogenesis Scientific Network and website, in cooperation with the UIS Commission on Speleogenesis: http://www.speleogenesis.info/

Water Sampling of the Sarrazine overflow of the Lison karst aquifer, French Jura Mountains. Credit: Jean-Baptiste Charlier

Recent News

In May 2023, Karst Commission members participated in a geotrip to Croatia and Slovenia, Avi Burg provides a summary of the trip here.

Karst Division Member Neven Kresic has recently published a free textbook “Hydrogeology: Introduction to Groundwater Science and Engineering” which is now available online.

Hydrogeology: Introduction to Groundwater Science and Engineering