Waters of Trebisnjica

DIKTAS project movie “Waters of Trebisnjica“ has been compiled from ancient records and some new clips. This 35 min movie is available at: Vode Trebišnjice – The Waters of The River Trebisnjica (with English subtitle) – YouTube

Forgotten species

Saša Milanović’ movie “Forgotten species“ (22 min) and several other movies and clips related to karst and speleology researchs are posted at:

Formation of karst landscapes

Movie “Formation of karst landscapes“ by Darron Gedge (8 min) with most records from karst of SW China is available at:

What Karst is

Sam Panno from the Illinois State Geological Survey talks “What Karst is” (2:30):

Karst of Ohio

Karst of Ohio (6:50 min) is presented at:

What is Karst?

University of South Florida’s 11 min movie with Ph. Van Beynen explanations “What karst is“ posted at:

Welcome to Karstville

Gus Frederick posted 7 min long story “Welcome to Karstville“ which includes many information on karst waters movements. Available at:

Creation of Travertine

The 8:40 min video made by Dragan Milovanović on creation of travertine on Sopotnica spring can be seen at:

Bolje sestre karstic spring

Dragan Milovanović also publish 6 min movie on Bolje sestre karstic spring tapped for regional water supply of Montenegro Coast. It is available at:

German Karst

GIDA GmbH placed an educational and short (2:22) but very illustrative clip in German about the karst. Available at:

Karst landscapes of the Caribbean

Karst Landscapes” is 11 min movie on Natural Wonders of the Caribbean (2005), mostly recorded at Barbados, Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago. Available at: